Welcome to the Fire Ants Guide - a guide to how to kill fire ants. This site will explain all of the basic information you'll need to know and more - an introduction to how they live and operate, how they spread into different areas, the dangers they pose to people in terms of property damage and stings, and how you can stop them and exterminate any that are infesting your land.



Basic Info About Fire Ants

Identifying Fire Ants

Treating Fire Ant Bites

Fire Ant Bait Treatments


Facts About Fire Ants:

Basic Information About Fire Ants - This page covers information about the ants themselves - their geographic location in the United States and elsewhere, their basic behavior, life cycle, and feeding habits, and information on the different kinds of species there are in the U.S. (red imported, black imported, Southern, and Native). 

How a Fire Ant Colony Works - A page on how they spread, how they function, where you can expect to find them, and how they are organized into a caste system.

How to Identify Fire Ants - A page to help you tell the difference between a fire ant and the various other kinds of ants you might have, which are generally not as dangerous and not as much of a problem.

General Ways to Kill Fire Ants:

Bait Treatments - Bait is a way to kill off a colony by preventing the queen from laying eggs. It is dragged into the nest as a food source by worker ants, and is a little more ecologically friendly because you are not spraying pesticides everywhere.

Natural Fire Ant Control:

Scalding Fire Ants With Boiling Water - This is a standard home remedy for a fire ant invasion. It works, but it's not 100% effective and often just causes the fire ants to move to a different part of the yard.

Worm Castings - Many places sell worm feces, claiming that it is a good organic repellant for insects.

Phorid Flies - This page is mainly for education, because it's not a remedy you can buy - but researchers have introduced a kind of fly into the environment in the U.S. that kills fire ants.

Treatment of Stings:

Fire Ant Sting Treatment - If you've been stung, this page has first aid information on keeping the bites from becoming any worse.

Allergic Reactions - This page will tell you what to look for if you think you might be allergic.

Reader Questions:

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